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Type: TV Series

Plot Summary: Once, there was a group of close childhood friends. However, by the time they entered high school, they had grown apart from each other. These are: Jin-tan — The hikikomori.Anaru — She just wants to hang out with her girlfriends.Yukiatsu and Tsuruko — These two are proper school-going students.Poppo — Rather than enter high school, he had opted to do some travelling.Menma — The one unchanging constant of the group.One day, Menma meets Jin-tan and asks him to fulfil her wish. For this, these widely separated companions gather once more..

Genre: Drama, Slice of Life, Supernatural,

Released: 2011

Status: Completed

Keywords: Anohana animes, Anohana gogoanime, Anohana chia-anime, Anohana gogoanimetv, kissanime,


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